Running Ghanaian-Chinese Stem Education Will Sustain Private Schools from Collapsing From Unfavorable Government Policies


School Heads and Owners

STEM Education is a unique education that private schools need to run in addition to the Ghanaian traditional School and schools that offer English Curriculum to give a clear difference between the government Free Education and with this parents will appreciate the need to admit and pay school fees for their wards in private schools in Ghana ignoring the government Free Education

Private schools are collapsing due to the free Education in Ghana and to be able to sustain your school you need to run extra curricular activities such as STEM Education.

Private schools in Ghana are really struggling to sustain due to the unfavorable policies from the government of Ghana. For example introduction of free Education without considering private Education or consultations, introduction of School License, the 30% privilege for public school students in the first class school placement and many more all in the midst of Covid 19 pandemic era.

Private secondary schools are empty and most have collapsed due to the free SHS Education and very soon primary and JHS private schools will also collapse because of the 30% privilege given to public school students in first class school placement.

Most Private primary and JHS schools will soon collapse if they keep on running only GES/NaCCA Curriculum as it in public schools which is free

STEM Education is a remedy to the calamity ahead of private schools.

We therefore advice school owners and heads to Register with NCOPST, GNAIT, and Chinese STEM companies to run STEM Education in their schools for Development, sustainability, and growth

To Register for the STEM Education, contact NCOPST Executive Director, Mr Ackon James on 0540560643 for inspection, advice and Registration.

Long live private schools
Long live Ghana Education

Ackon James

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